The Refuge de la Traye offers ZIESEL walks on our grounds.

All-terrain electric vehicle is equipped with two tracks with a maximum engine power of 18KW each, without noise and pollution, it can be used on any terrain: asphalt, snow, sand, grass...


All you have to do is discover the Ziesel to want to drive it and explore the surroundings off the beaten track!

To try it is to adopt it: you can drive it in a sporty way by taking advantage of the power of its electric engines or in a more contemplative way by taking advantage of nature thanks to its silent driving of the caterpillar tread tracks.

The joy and pleasure of ZIESEL users can be shared in groups or on a solitary drive, but whatever the choice, everyone will have an extraordinary memory and an incredible feeling of freedom.

On reservation. From the age of 18.

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