The Refuge's shop

The Refuge's shop

The Boutique du Refuge de la Traye offers you a choice of accessories, clothing and leather goods, as well as a wide range of specially selected local and regional products!

The Candle of the Refuge de la Traye through the nose Blaise MAUTIN.

"The perfume is a delicate and imaginary representation of the magic of the white flower, which must be soft and delicate.
A subtle blend of the scent of the lily of the valley bell and the bewitching scent of honeysuckle.
We are in a fragile wake whose purity of the white of the petals of the flowers will remind us of the purity of the surrounding snow.
The scent of the refuge de la Traye will leave a mark on the people who cross its path, that's for sure.

Perfume is an art that brings a touch of joy to our everyday lives...."

Blaise Mautin is a passionate creative perfumer, who plays with essential oils as a musician would with his musical notes or a painter with his palette of colours.

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