Tea room

Tea room

Between treatments, come and enjoy this place of relaxation and well-being.

Intimate and warm space, our herbal tea shop will allow you to take a delicious break by tasting a herbal tea or a tea offered à la carte.

The serenity and tranquility of the place extend the benefits of the treatments provided by our therapists.

To accompany you in your relaxation, this tea room has been designed as a cosy  lounge. A choice of local and organic herbal teas will be presented to you to enjoy this pure moment of serenity.

These blends, personalized according to the properties and aromas that nature offers us, will contribute to your relaxation in this haven of peace


Our partner, les jardins d'Amélie Blanche, a farmer-gatherer of aromatic and medicinal plants, offers you its different varieties:

Plant properties, for internal use: references from the works of Drs. Cazin, Boulard and Leclerc and Marie-Antoinette Mulot

  • Yarrow (flowering tops): vulnerable, bitter tonic, "blood plant" (ex: antihaemorrhoidal, cycle regulation...)
  • Hawthorn (flowering tops): cardiovascular regulator, regulates tension, soothing
  • Elderberry (flowers): sweaty, diuretic, depurative
  • Meadowsweet (flowers and leaves): diuretic, digestive, antirheumatic, helps to eliminate cellulite and adipose
  • Birch (leaf): diuretic, depurative, (against renal pathologies, liver...)
  • Oregano: Béchique, aperitif, sedative action (ex: painful periods, rheumatic pains...)

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