Sculpture path

Sculpture path

Burnt Trees

Philippe Pastor began the series of Arbres Brûlés in 2003, which he created from the trunks of trees burned following the fires in the Massif des Maures, where his workshops were located. This approach then marks his commitment to the protection of the environment, which will remain at the heart of his work.

Over the years, the sculptures will be presented throughout the world, as part of collaborations with committed institutions, such as the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, or through permanent exhibitions, such as the one presented at the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme, during the "Plant for the Planet" campaign. They will become a true symbol of the fight against deforestation.

In 2018, Philippe Pastor created a new bronze-based series based on the models presented at the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan. Moulded, the details and roughness of the carbonized material are then majestically reborn through the precious alloy.


Philippe Pastor

Painter and sculptor, Philippe Pastor (Monaco, 1961) stages a personal vision of Nature and interprets Man's interaction with his environment.

All of his work, created as close as possible to nature, reflects his commitment to protecting the planet. For his sometimes monumental paintings, the artist uses living materials and transforms them by making time and his immediate environment an ally; he mixes earth, pigments, minerals and plants of all kinds. His paintings and sculptures are part of the same process. They embody his vision of life, the destruction of the environment and the role of man in society.

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