Milk bath and hay bed

Milk bath and hay bed

Discover all the benefits of a milk bath or the hay bed while enjoying an exceptional view.

Honoured by Cleopatra, milk baths have long been known for their relaxing properties and their benefits as well as the hay bed resulting from the ancestral practises of Tyrolean farmers.


The Milk Bad

Milk is known for its moisturizing properties, which prevent the skin from drying out thanks to its beneficial effects. It stimulates cell renewal and reduces the skin's natural browning.

In addition to its cosmetic properties, the milk bath provides relaxation and well-being. The soothing effect of the softness of the milk on the skin combined with the action of water offers a pure moment of relaxation.

At the end of the day, take advantage of this treatment to reduce your stress while taking care of yourself.


The Hay Bed or "Alpenbadl"

A therapy also called phytobalneotherapy offers a unique experience that invites you to relax in an original way.

Immersed in fresh hay, this treatment combines the effects of the steam bath with the essential oils of hay, ideal for those who suffer from neck and back pain.

You lie down in this rustic wooden bed covered with fresh hay made of mountain grasses that deeply invigorate. Breathing is softer and muscles relax thanks to the heat while strengthening the immune system and eliminating toxins.


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