Iyashi Dome and Wellsystem

Iyashi Dome and Wellsystem


The unique concept of the Iyashi Dome Sauna, based on the Japanese tradition, allows you to both slim and purify your body while improving your health.

Its long infrared technology helps your body eliminate heavy metals and toxins by producing the same amount of perspiration in one session as running for at least 20 Kilometers (600 Kilocalories).

The Iyashi Dôme nevertheless makes it possible to avoid the negative effects of intensive sports practice.

This treatment also represents a real beauty and rejuvenation cure for your skin thanks to the heat generated by the device, which penetrates up to 40 mm under the skin.

The Iyashi Dome is a real tool that allows you to take care of your body and your health:

- Slimming
- Reduction of the "orange peel" appearance
- Slimming of the silhouette
- Anti-ageing effect on your skin
- Muscle relaxation
- Detoxify and purify the body
- Improving the individual's terrain



Relaxation for body and mind, this water massage system provides incomparable physical well-being.

This full or partial therapeutic massage thanks to the targeted force of the water is performed without undressing or showering.

The heat generated activates the entire metabolism, the strength of the water and the impact of jets optimize joint, connective and circulatory movements.


On reservation.

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