Génépi by Refuge de le Traye

Génépi by Refuge de le Traye

Genepi liqueur is made from the best-known aromatic plant of the Alps, the genepi, which belongs to the sagebrush family and grows in the Alps.

Genepi is reputed to be a very good general tonic.

It is also a digestive and excellent against cold and general fatigue.  This is why it is even more appreciated in winter.

Served as an aperitif, it is often said that génépi liqueur opens the appetite.  Genepi is indeed indicated for its gastric stimulant properties. Genepi is also known to fight against mountain sickness!


Génépi By Refuge de la Traye is the perfect gift to offer from your mountain holiday

Available in 3 different sizes from our boutique 'La Fabrique".


**To be consumed in moderation**

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