The first step towards sustainable development is to train our employees to have a rigorous understanding of our Eco Responsibilities and be able to share this knowledge with our guests. 

Management of room products

Innovative eco-responsible furnishing & fabrics.

The fillings of the duvets & pillows and eco-designed beds are made with recycled materials



Since 2019, the JV Pastor Collection has planted 124 trees and 200 shrubs on the grounds of the Refuge de la Traye to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against global warming.


Water management

Water-saving plumbing with recycling system is installed through-out the refuge. Water regulators are in place for water management. Signage to raise customer awareness - The washing of towels is upon request. Installation of an autonomous purification system using the coconut filter technique, a sustainable sanitation solution based   on coconut-based plant filters. 


Electricity management

Low-energy light bulbs

Intelligent Radiator Management aligned with real time needs

Energy-efficient and recyclable TV sets


Food cycle

The creation of an educational farm. Raising visitors' awareness of sustainable development and the environment

Vegetable waste is systematically recycled

The manure is used as fertilizer on the refuge's plot.


Management of sorted and waste packaging        

Selective sorting, waste compaction, compost

Limitation of individual packaging