The protection of everyone is at the center of our concerns.

We rolled out new health and safety measures to prevent contamination, facilitate social distancing and encourage proper hygiene in order to preserve your stay and to ensure your safety. We invite you to take note of them.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to Le Refuge de la Traye and wish you a wonderful and healthy stay.

Together, we’ll take care of one another.

Our team is available to support you with any particular concerns.

COVID 19 – The measures taken by Refuge de la Traye



Wearing the mask is mandatory for employees as well as for you until your room. If you need, you can buy one at the front office. 

The temperature reading of each employee before starting work, under the aegis of a designated person in charge.

You’ll find hand sanitizers at all strategic points  in Le Refuge. 

The acquisition of a device allowing a disinfection of all the surfaces, with an adapted disinfectant product.



The service will be performed on request. 

The rooms will be ventilated and strictly sanitized between each stay. 



The car will be sanitized after each transfer. 

Wearing a mask is mandatory for the driver as well as for you. 



Before each treatment, massage, sauna or bath, you need to take a shower in your room. If you need, the outside shower is still available. 

During direct personal treatments or massages, the mask is mandatory for you and the spa employee. 

Use of the Jacuzzi, Sauna, hammam and milk bath may only be used by family/couple at one time – therefore reservation is obligatory.

Use of Iyashi Dom, Wellsystem, Mostleds and Stendo machines must be reserved.

A full disinfectant cleaning will take place between use.

For health and safety reasons, the hay bed is not available.



1 metre distance between machines will be insured. 

A towel on the machine seat is obligatory. Please sort your towels directly in the special box. 

A full disinfectant cleaning will take place between use.


Towels for the spa and sports room will be provided and left in your room daily. 

**Prior to entering the spa and sports room, your temperature will be taken and registered for security reasons**



A full disinfectant cleaning will take place between use.

Blowpipe shooting is not available for security reasons due to social distancing.

Yoga mats will be fully disinfected between uses. 

Wearing the mask is mandatory when the social distancing can’t be respected. 

Before practicing an activity, you’ll need to wash/sanitize your hands. 



We will provide hand sanitizers and regulate the distance between the animateur and the children at all times.

A full disinfectant cleaning will take place between use.


Happy Stay @ the Refuge de la Traye…Welcome Home